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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  February 16, 2013 6:00am-6:30am PST

6:00 am >> welcome to the "journal," i'm d.q. our top story this hour. it's all eyes on the sky as sang asteroid skims fast earth hours after a meter identity caused destruction in russia. the d.n.a. testing as horse meat the found in british food. and 18 points clear the with a solid win. >> a close escape for earth. our planet as narrowly dodged
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about asteroid strike. this follows a meter explosion over russia. ly a few hours later the closest-ever asteroid took place. it highlights the earth's position in what some with are calling a galactic shooting yard. >> many wanted to catch the massive space rock that skimmed so close to the earth. but on strong binoculars or high-powered telescopes could provide a glimpse of the asteroid. it provided astronomers with an opportunity to learn some valuable lessons. >> this is awfully important to we can take steps to eventually protect the earth from an asteroid.
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>> had it hit, it would have devastated a huge area and caused more damage than a russian meter strike. over 1,000 people were injured by the incident and dozens of -- are still in the hospital. >> i went to see what the flash in the sky was and then went to the other side of my apartment. there was an explosion and then glass flying towards me. >> one chunk of yes lest y'all debris went into a lake. there at the cleanup is under way and the bitter sy biron cold. thousands of windows have to be replaced. it unleashed a huge wave of pressure causing them toe shatter. >> now people here are focused on clearing the rubble. in spite of minor injuries and material damage, residents are
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breathing a sigh of relief. they escaped with what could have been a major disaster. >> meters can -- meteors can strike. the next one is due for 2029 but scientists say it is not on track to collide with the earth. >> cracking down on tax avoidance, the g-20 meeting in moscow aimed at closing loopholes that a lou many multinationals to pay just 5% in corporate taxes. so in the meeting, countries with chick growth and looking to avoid currency wars. >> the g-20 has a big job to do, rescuing the world from recession. but there's fierce debate on how to go about it.
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those who favor growth over debt reduction seem to have the upper hand at the summit. and leaders want to end talk of a so-called currency war. the last one took place during the great depression. >> currencies reflect economic fundamentals. and the wormed mustn't get into the mistake it's made in the past of using economic currency as a tool for economic warfare. >> some say japan's policy is to blame. it sent thin crashing suggesting it will spend big and print money but the g the 20 has not criticized its present, the stressed that markets, not governments, should continue what currencies are boris. there's likely to be no agreement to limit government
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spending for now and the debate of growth versus austerity is set to continue. >> it seems there may be a racings war on the horizon. a downgrade by the u.s. grading agency can be bad news for any business but now moody's has downgraded one of its biggest rival. one of the largest rating agency, standard and poor's it present it was most recent award with the department of justice associated with the housing collapse. >> and a meat processing splant suspected of mixing horse products in products sold with meat. they are removing products that were falsely labeled with let. >> brussels has given the go
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ahead for a testing of made products. >> when it's served up, consumers cannot easily distinguish between horse meat and beef. horse meat has been found in a number of places including school lunches. scale of the problem. >> i welcome the european's decision to introduce screening so we can determine if this is an isolated different or if hey are spreading worldwide, consumers were duped on horse neat more than 10 countries. falsely-labeled meat didn't just show up in lasagna it was also found in ravioli and grew losh. german authorities were those
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among those who identified the meat. >> the goods were not correctly labeled. consumers need to know what they are buying. that's why this case has to be taken seriously, but at this point we have notal associated risk to public health. >> that could change if the meat with horse -- the products with horse meat are found contain drugs used to treat the horse but not approved for human consumption. >> first news happening around the world. >> the street clashes have erupted in the egyptian capital of cairo. opponents of the islamist government staged a peaceful protest before things turned violent. > supporters of mohammad morsi
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-- >> there has been more unrest where shiite muslims have been protesting against the ruling su ney, thousands are expected to take to the streets on saturday for the funeral of a teenager killed in violence between the police and opposition earlier this week. >> venezuelan state television has released photos of hugo chavez who is in cuba recovering from surgery. venezuela re-elected chavez last year but his health prevented him from taking the inauguration in january. >> social networking by send them ys hackers got to mall ware in
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facebook. acebook says it was stopped. >> this time the victims, they put up a good fight at first but never looked like they could slow munich's march near the weekend. >> it was another workman like victory for immune im. -- for munich. tomas miller heading way after just three minutes. after another minute, a special strike to break the deadlock. in 1:37 a free kick found another found in sis ors kick on top scorer on 15 goals.
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there was a chance to level things, but diego's kick couldn't get past noel nowier. >> hairian robin came on late to seal byron's win in added time. it was his first week in ghoul prioritized by victory. >> the courtman could put that back. the win over frank ford this evening though even with their home advantage, it's not something the club's can take for granted. there's a storm of a season under coach armond bates. they are keenly fourth in the world. >> and the newcomers, pulled off a sensational 3-3 draw. six months later frank ford has only established themselves near the top of the table. and their opponents are front underestimating their ability.
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>> they are really strong. the midfielder, alex, in the prime of his career. plus now we have blockage. the defense is good, wing back is strong. it's just a bad team. >> the visitors say they are not going to ballot off of his -- i would like to see us make good use of our goal opportunities and maybe even skosh. -- score. and if we gained points for the match, that would be great. >> and frank ford's chances are not all this bad. the the courtman defense so far this season has shown an unusual amount of holes. >> and in the second division there was relief for struggling bog rom -- bagram.
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10 minutes into the game the back of the net is found for the winning goal but it was a hard fought victory for bovement after one of our players saw red in the 16th minute. didn't manage to score and volek ram got the win they were hoping for. >> to tennis and defending champion roger federer has crashed out of the atp tournament. francis julian benneteau knocked out the world's number two in straight sets, 6-3, 7-5. the underdog broke the serve five times and then managed to ward off a comeback. still the world's number 39 is again through to the semis. an atp tournament. >> and the 63rd berlin film festival is drawing to a close
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and the injury herself mates us to stay home and watch the gold and bear. well there are those battling it out. let's see which fellows are tipped as favorites to take the parts of some of the fighters. >> from nicolas cage to french film icon to julian definitelien and ethan hawke. now it's occupy to the people to pick the winners. >> her role in "gloria." the film steals story of a woman in her late 50's divorced and in search of romance. the budding romance forces her to confront her own dark secrets. bazaars among the favorites for best actress.
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in "closed curtain" a man has locked himself in a sea decide villa in iran hiding himself and his dog from police. >> the animal is deemed unclean by the islamist government and there's a leading role defining the iranian government's ban on his filmmaking. the music has a closet phobic feel reflecting his own house arrest. co-director brought the film to berlin. no matter what the injury decides, "closed curtain" has already won praise from critics. an episode in the life of an iron picker is another one of the favorites. the leading roles are played not by professionals but a real familyal acting out a real heartbreaking episode from
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their real lives. it's a film that depicts brutally hans depictions of real life. take nk
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away our rights. >> ready to go? >> time for the morning patrol. only four months ago this would have been an idealic drive along the barrier island in the state of new jersey but what lieutenant bar cuss shows me now has been transformed into a disaster zone. >> now we're going to go. >> we're approaching the southern control point. for most people this is the end of the line. access is granted only with pecial passes. pad?ere's your
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>> his contract only went across manty lopey. >> it's on the bay edge. even if it means the man has to drive a detour of 10 kilometers. and the reason is simple. this hurricane sandy destroyed the town and the all the houses on the three kilometer stretch are empty. it's a looter's pair zice. >> unfortunately, the storms brought out some things we're not used to around here. and nobody's used to it. it doesn't feel like america, but it is what it is. it's not a permanent thing. we're not trying to change everybody's perspective on things. we're just trying to make it normling for everybody else. f a superpower like the u.s.b.
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-- like the u.s.a. if anybody knows this it's the president part of the special construction there. >> thank you. >> he shows me around together with pam, one of the 300 people who live here. we start at the place where sandy hit first. > feels free, today, doesn't it? >> it came to mant locking from the southeast bringing tidal waves as well as winds reaching 130 miles an hour. 6750% of all the homes here were destroyed. but other homes hit just down -- down the coast. >> the homes the army corps came down to replenish down below, those homes actually
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survived the brunt of the storm where as our town, we only had about 50 feet of beach in front of it, and you can see the devastation that's been caused to those houses. >> a few meters can mean all the difference. the problem here mant locking, many we move have their -- they didn't want heavy machinery on their property. the state did not have the legal authority to get you have to on them. that had terrible consequences also for the people on the other side of the islandt chris akes me to the bay side. there used to be a house standing right here. now it's 300 meters to the west in the middle of the bay that separates mantilocking from the rest. the beds on the second floor were freshly made and that's the way they still are. >> it's horrible.
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you look in there. >> it was blown right off its -- >> the beds are still made. >> aw. >> chris works in the disaster zone every day. i want to know mentally how he deals with the destruction. the answer is very american. >> you see people working together to rebuild their homes and put things and cart things out and get things back in. so it's a real emotional roller coaster of emotions each day when i come to work. >> when you're down and out, get back up. i hear that a lot in the u.s. the determination of americans might be their most powerful weapon against some of the super power deficiencies. and without origins, i ask wouldn't it have been better to have build everything right in the first place? pam invites me to join her at an important meeting. on the way she tells me about life on the island and her house.
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i want to know if she is not at least a little mad at the authorities, the beach house owners, anybody? >> i remember the night i didn't want to leave thinking this wasn't going to be anything, and i'm glad i left. i'm glad the police were able to get everyone out of here because there was certainly a huge opportunity for people to die if they stayed like i wanted to. so it's upsetting. we're going to put it back together. it will take years, but it will get done. >> reconstruction. that's what everybody wants to talk about in the auditorium of a niche elementary school. evergreen since sandy hit the -- , the attendance has because if you don't show up here, you might miss important information.
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>> there's too much nofingts extract from all over the place and they really do pool it together. some people are part of the own, other people they hear. >> chris plays an essential role in this. he explains all the next steps especially important today, the houses that need to be reconstructed partially or completely have to be raised from the ground to protect them from tidalaways. that's an important detail. >> i have a front map clarification issue. >> own though her house isn't looks ely destroyed, she for reconstruction. as it is pam's house is in a zone with the toughest
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regulations. >> this high. >> after two hours, the meeting is over, but much eremains unclear. so the people of mantilow to go to chris directly for answers, many are losing patience. >> extremely. >> three months out, we're still without utilities. that's difficult for anybody livering in a modern nation to understand. how can that not be? three months after a storm. be when you look at the size and devastation sandy caused, it actually is pretty realistic . >> some here are saying sandy has had positive effect. some structures are overdue for years and now the authorities e trying to fin that for are others, too. >> in terms of our roads, our roads are horrible. we have been fighting,
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fighting, fighting to get simple paving done. and each year they put it off but now they are going to finally pave us all the way down, that was something they were going to put us off for four years. >> it's done a lot of good things actually. >> the road pam has in mind is this one. state road 35. the most important traffic artery in mantiloking. the state of new jersey has been responsible for maintaining it, but the state has been very frugal on getting it -- a super power. it's the same thing with the power grid. mostly above ground and very vulnerable. america's infrastructure is crumbling, and the price tag for fixing it is high. about $1 trillion over the next
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seven years. pam's invited me to visit her house. as a resident she has the necessary paperwork for the police blocks. but she has to be out of the neighborhood by 4:00 p.m. there's a curfew from late afternoon to early morning. do not tear down, that's what this green cross means. the outside of her house suffered very little damage. >> this is it. brand-new kitchen. >> but inside it's a different picture. the ground floor was flooded. >> even with the little bit of water that we had, you can see all the mold that's started to grow. >> where's the mold? >> see this black stuff? >> the gorgeous house with the view of the bay, pam needs to completely renovate it from the inside. despite the relatively little
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flooding, the mold is everywhere. she does not let things get her down easily. cause of the nature of the way things are, the billingd instructor explains how it's going to be done. >> the holes cut through are roughly about this high. ok? high enough to take the planks the steel beams through. they are that i will have to raise it eight feet or better or more to get machinery underneath there and supplies and stuff. >> sounds professional. be nevertheless american houses have a bad reputation, at least in germany. they are considered lightweight, quickly built and quickly broken, just like the nfrastructure. sewer systems and everything
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all out of date but when it comes to the houses he stands his ground. >> it's a freak storm that came through and got ones -- what happened was the earth undermined the houses and that's what made them tall fall. it wasn't that the houses got destroyed when the wave came threw. no. they build them to last. >> oh. we have a light. >> it's taken three months since the storm for pam to get her power back. the americans have a lot more to do if they want to protect themselves against mother nature in the future, after all,. >> last year with irene and then the year with sandy. what will next year be? my house will be 14 feet in the air, so we'll see. >> for all my criticisms i do know nothing can completely
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defend people against monster storms like sandy, but i do think the u.s. could at least do more to be a little better prepared.
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